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Create a delicious everyday breakfast or pull together an amazing brunch with top-rated recipes for pancakes and waffles, bacon and eggs, brunch casseroles, coffee cakes, muffins, quiche, and so much more.

Staff Picks

Classic Waffles

Rating: 4.54 stars 3641
A classic waffle recipe includes basic ingredients you probably already have on hand, creating a perfectly crisp breakfast item.

Good Old Fashioned Pancakes

Rating: 4.56 stars 16640
Make delicious, fluffy pancakes from scratch. This recipe uses 7 ingredients you probably already have.

Fluffy French Toast

Rating: 4.64 stars 4511
This French toast recipe is different because it uses flour. I have given it to some friends and they've all liked it better than the French toast they usually make!

Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Quinoa

Rating: 4.52 stars 117
Sweet blueberries and tart lemon pair well in this alternative to oatmeal. High in protein and fiber, quinoa is a great start to your day! I made this up one morning when I had a craving for quinoa and was looking for a change from the usual. Top with extra milk for a thinner consistency. Also good with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg.

Authentic Mexican Breakfast Tacos

Rating: 4.5 stars 287
Quick Easy and Delicious! I learned this recipe from many years of eating with the Mexican cooks at my restaurant. They like to sneak in breakfast before we open. I've grown to LOVE this breakfast. If you like spicy food, you will love this.

Classic Hash Browns

Rating: 4.63 stars 317
These classic diner-style hash browns are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Almond Berry Smoothie

Rating: 4.74 stars 40
Almond milk and almond butter are the star ingredients in this berry smoothie for a nutritious, on-the-go meal that is vegan and paleo-friendly.

Bacon for the Family or a Crowd

Rating: 4.64 stars 829
This is the way to get crisp bacon without having to constantly turn it, watch over it, or get burnt by splatters of grease. It 'fries' up flat and doesn't curl, which looks great beside a breakfast plate of eggs, and makes BLT sandwiches much easier. Very nice when feeding a family or crowd.

15 Savory Breakfasts That Aren't Eggs

Fill up on eggless breakfasts like sausage with hash browns, bagels with smoked salmon, grits, biscuits, and scrambled tofu.
By Mary Claire Lagroue

15 Quick and Easy Breakfast Eggs Ready in 15 Minutes or Less

Easy breakfast eggs are tasty, versatile, and packed with protein to keep you feeling full.
By Katherine Martinelli

World's Best Scones! From Scotland to the Savoy to the U.S.

Rating: 4.69 stars 786
My grandmother is Scottish and her family made GREAT scones.... In search of the best scone recipe in the world I have adapted their recipe with my own touches and with the famous scone recipe from the world renowned Savoy hotel in London. I now believe I have adapted the BEST SCONE RECIPE IN THE WORLD!

17 Bite-Size Brunch Dishes To Graze on at Your Leisure

These sweet and savory recipes are served in scaled-down portions so you can try a little taste of everything without feeling weighed down.
By Vanessa Greaves

Inspiration and Ideas

Basic Crepes
Rating: 4.62 stars

See how easy it is to make crepes. You'll need just 6 common ingredients for these French-style pancakes.