Pancake Recipes

Buttermilk pancakes, blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes, oatmeal or whole wheat. Get recipes for light and fluffy pancakes, including vegan and keto options.

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Good Old Fashioned Pancakes

Rating: 4.56 stars 16640
Make delicious, fluffy pancakes from scratch. This recipe uses 7 ingredients you probably already have.

Banana Pancakes

Rating: 4.48 stars 2517
Quick and easy homemade banana pancakes made from scratch.

Wheat Germ Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

Rating: 4.57 stars 503
Pairs wheat germ and whole-wheat pastry flour for a healthy, wholesome breakfast treat. If you use a Teflon griddle you do not have to use oil.
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Oatmeal Pancakes II

Rating: 4.65 stars 983
I make this for my kids quite often. It is very simple. Preparing the batter in the food processor makes it that much easier. Serve with syrup and butter. Also good with applesauce!
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How to Make the Best Pancakes From Scratch

Learn the simple tips and tricks to make pancakes light and fluffy on the inside and golden brown on the outside.
By Vanessa Greaves

Chef John's Dutch Babies

I've always been fascinated by how many different breakfast foods you can create using just milk, eggs, and flour; and this is one of the more interesting examples. Especially considering the unusual, and borderline disturbing name. Sometimes called German pancakes, these have very little to do with Germany, and nothing to do with the Dutch. Apparently they were invented by German immigrants who were referred to as Dutch.

Vanilla Crepes

Rating: 4.67 stars 884
When I was a little girl, my mother would always make us crepes on Sundays. I also loved the smell of vanilla when my mother would make her cookies. So, I would always ask her to make her cookies, and when she refused, I would take out the vanilla and sit it next to me with the cap open, so that I could breathe the aroma. My mother get a kick out of this, and said, well, if it's that important, we'll add a little vanilla kick, just for you. After the first time she put the vanilla in, there was never a became a tradition.

Buttermilk Pancakes II

A very light and fluffy pancake that requires fresh buttermilk, but it's the best I've ever made!

Fluffy Pancakes

Rating: 4.82 stars 16517
Tall, fluffy pancakes make the best breakfast, especially when there's plenty of butter and syrup. Make it extra special with berries and whipped cream!

Japanese-Style Fluffy Pancakes

The Japanese have perfected this simple, yet exciting fluffy pancake recipe that anyone can make. So delicious, you might eat it without butter or syrup. Enjoy! Serve this right from the griddle or pan.

Chinese Scallion Pancakes

Rating: 4 stars 21
Scallion pancakes are a popular dish in China, and available from restaurants and street vendors. There are many different regional variations. My version is Shanghai-style and is my grandmother's recipe. These can be frozen after step 3, and thawed and finished cooking when ready to eat.

Best Buckwheat Pancakes

These are delicious buckwheat pancakes that taste great with some butter and syrup or jam.

Inspiration and Ideas

Our 15 Best Banana Pancake Recipes to Pretend Like It's the Weekend
Eat this weekend-worthy breakfast every day with our recipes for easy three-ingredient banana pancakes, banana oatmeal pancakes, almond flour banana pancakes, banana chocolate chip pancakes, and more.
Easy Pancakes
Rating: 4.13 stars

These quick and easy pancakes are perfect for sleepy mornings.